Meditation for Seniors: Things to Remember

Meditation for Seniors: Things to Remember

The decision to meditate every day in the same place will help you dive into meditation more quickly. It is better to meditate while sitting since you will practically fall asleep if you lie down. Try to avoid meditation on the bed due to the association of the latter with a dream. It is best to meditate on the floor with a sofa cushion or in a very comfortable chair.

Things to Remember:


  1. Wear loose clothing


Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. A tracksuit or elastic trousers and a top that will not hamper your breath are perfect.


  1. Dim the lights


Closed curtains and dimmed light contribute to deeper meditation because they create an atmosphere of comfort in which nothing distracts you.


  1. Background music


If you are ready to meditate, soft background music will create a favorable atmosphere for this. Sounds of nature, such as flowing water and birds singing, or soft flute music will help relax your mind. When you are ready to meditate, turn off the music and feel the silence around you for one or two minutes.


  1. Use candles


Burning a candle will also help you immerse yourself in the desired calm state of relaxation. If you consciously associate the candlelight ritual with the symbolic act of shifting your attention to the inner fire of the spirit, this will help you to immerse yourself in meditation.


  1. Fragrance in the room


The smoldering of an incense stick has a similar psychological effect with the burning of a candle, its aroma will contribute to relaxation. Some scents are especially suitable for meditation. Choose sandalwood or a rose, because they bring a sense of peace and tranquility. Using an aroma lamp containing vegetable oils in the room will perfectly complement the sticks, as the oils will add their restorative power to your meditation. Incense, jasmine, rose, and sandalwood – they all have a good effect on the spiritual level, and also they’re ideal for relaxing your mind.

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