Medicare supplement plans: a friend of your health

Are you turning 65? If yes, then this is the high time to think about health care plans which you have already. Your health care plans do not ensure to cover all the area of your expenses, and that gives you trouble at the time of payment. In that case, what should you do? Nothing to worry about it. Medicare supplement plans are there to help you out with this kind of situation.

Why do people choose supplement plans?

Before knowing the people’s choice, you have to know about the supplement plans well. There are part A and part B in Medicare plans where part A is for hospital coverage and part B for medical coverage. Generally, part A can cover most of the region of expenses, but it does not cover all. When you visit the hospital after 60 days, an amount of $1200 will be deducted. If you are admitted to hospital for 61 to 90 days, it will cost you near to $300 per day. After that, you have to pay $550 per day up to 150 days. In Medicare supplement plans, Part B consists of deduction of amount near to $200 yearly, and with that, you have to pay only 20% of your expense. That means whether there is doctors visit, test, checkup etc. you have to pay 20% of the total bill every time. This is really helpful. Imagine for long-term treatment process, only 20% bill will give you relief of huge costing of treatment.

There are several Medicare plans, and those are given below:

  • Plan A to G

Plan A to G has lots of benefits like higher premiums with lower out-of-pocket costs. It includes the combo of part A and part B, co-payment and coinsurance etc. additionally those also have benefits of a nursing facility, preventive care, home service recovery, foreign emergency service as well as some of the prescribed drugs.

  • Plan K to N

It comes with a lower premium, but it cost high out-of-pocket expenses. Those have benefits like hospital benefits of part A, co-insurance and co-pay of both A & B, hospital care, blood etc. it includes service like nursing facility. While choosing the plan, compare the plans carefully with each one and make sure that you are paying for the right needed plan. Plans of every company are more or less same. Did you enroll your name in Medicare plan? If no, then you are not eligible to get the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018. If you still need to know more, then consult with experts for advice.