It is quite normal to feel worn down and tired by the trials and tribulations that comes along our way in life. However, there are certain red flags that are easily brushed off by us as being part of our experience, when it could signal to be something serious. Below are some signs that you may not be as healthy as you think you are.

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  1. Poor sleep schedule

Sleep is vital to get rest and defend yourself from illness. Try to destress yourself before going to bed, so that you can combat the difficulty of not getting enough sleep which mainly occurs due to high levels of cortisol hormone in our body.

  1. Continuous exhaustion

Life today can be extremely exhausting due to the amount of work we engage ourselves in, draining all the energy from our body. It is important to see a doctor if tiredness becomes chronic with time, because constant exhaustion indicates a problem that needs to be addressed on time.

  1. Excretion of dark urine

The color of your urine indicates how healthy you are. Your urine should be as clear as possible, especially later in the day.  The darker the urine, the more dehydrated your body is. Therefore, it is important to nullify dehydration by drinking loads of water, and if this does not eradicate the problem, you must look further into it.

  1. Cracked lips

Having cracked lips or sometimes called Cheilitis, could signify that your body has an acute deficiency of Vitamin B. This problem can be easily rectified by changing your diet or taking certain supplements. Make use of nutritional yeast wherever possible to increase the level of B12 vitamin in your body.

  1. Apple shaped body

Although many people carry a few kilos with them, it is necessary to distinguish between the many types of being overweight, as one type could be potentially harmful to your health than the other. Those people with an apple shaped body – more fat around their belly and waist are likely to be at a higher risk of suffering from heart diseases and other related diseases.

  1. Non-stop itching

Incessant itching can be an important warning light that needs to be addressed. Under normal circumstances, it is very hard to detect liver disease until it is too late, but continuous itching happens in some people suffering from liver related diseases.