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Medicare supplement plans: a friend of your health

Are you turning 65? If yes, then this is the high time to think about health care plans which you have already. Your health care plans do not ensure to cover all the area of your expenses, and that gives you trouble at the time of payment. In that case, what should you do? Nothing to worry about it. Medicare supplement plans are there to help you out with this kind of situation.

Why do people choose supplement plans?

Before knowing the people’s choice, you have to know about the supplement plans well. There are part A and part B in Medicare plans where part A is for hospital coverage and part B for medical coverage. Generally, part A can cover most of the region of expenses, but it does not cover all. When you visit the hospital after 60 days, an amount of $1200 will be deducted. If you are admitted to hospital for 61 to 90 days, it will cost you near to $300 per day. After that, you have to pay $550 per day up to 150 days.

In Medicare supplement plans, Part B consists of deduction of amount near to $200 yearly, and with that, you have to pay only 20% of your expense. That means whether there is doctors visit, test, checkup etc. you have to pay 20% of the total bill every time. This is really helpful. Imagine for long-term treatment process, only 20% bill will give you relief of huge costing of treatment.

There are several Medicare plans, and those are given below:

  • Plan A to G

Plan A to G has lots of benefits like higher premiums with lower out-of-pocket costs. It includes the combo of part A and part B, co-payment and coinsurance etc. additionally those also have benefits of a nursing facility, preventive care, home service recovery, foreign emergency service as well as some of the prescribed drugs.

  • Plan K to N

It comes with a lower premium, but it cost high out-of-pocket expenses. Those have benefits like hospital benefits of part A, co-insurance and co-pay of both A & B, hospital care, blood etc. it includes service like nursing facility.

While choosing the plan, compare the plans carefully with each one and make sure that you are paying for the right needed plan. Plans of every company are more or less same.

Did you enroll your name in Medicare plan? If no, then you are not eligible to get the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018. If you still need to know more, then consult with experts for advice.

Medicare Advantage plans offers varying deals that comparing is a must

Medicare Advantage plans are given by private companies but they are Medicare approved. These plans may be an ideal choice for senior who consider drug coverage as all-in-one. This also includes that there is no pay involved in the initial 20 days that covers traditional Medicare in a nursing facility. Besides, the plan provides limited coverage on travelling out of state.


This is applicable and Medicare advantage plans are available for people:

  • Having disabling or severe chronic condition such as dementia or chronic heart failure.
  • Are enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare.
  • You live in a nursing home type institution.


HMO Point-Of-Service

This is an additional Medicare advantage plans types apart from the regular HMO type. The HMO plan with Point of service is different slightly and also a less common version. It is different from a traditional HMO featuring point of service plans that allows you to reach provider even beyond the network, but the cost may be higher and has to be self borne. This advantage makes this plan functional as it works as any preferred provider organization Medicare plan types. Medicare Advantage Plans 2018 benefits offer great coverage.


Medical Savings Account (MSA)

MSA is also an extra Medicare advantage plans that is less common. In an MSA, a health plan that is high-deductible is combined with a bank account. In this type Medicare deposits specific amount of money into the bank account every year and the money can be used to pay for expenses related to health care throughout the year.


Medicare deposits are lesser than annual deductibles and thus it implies if you require lot of care, there is a need for being prepared to spend more than the originally deposited amount into the account.


How do plans differ?

Medicare Advantage plans feature varying rules to obtain the services. In fact, some polices may need to avail a referral from the primary doctor to see a specialist. At the same time, there are other plans that do not ask for any referral, but the services of the specialist may not be covered fully. Similarly, there are plan types that denies covering the services if you avail out of network providers the health care services or the beyond pocket costs may escalate.


Another disparity is in the amount you pay for Medicare Advantage plans services. These plans take a monthly premium apart from the Part B Medicare premium, copayments, coinsurance and annual deductibles. Regardless of the Medicare Advantage plan types, you must continue paying for Part B Medicare premium. Thus comparing the plans must be done keeping in mind the health services type that you need.

Reasons One Should Go For Medicare Supplement Plans

When it comes to covering the medical expenses most elderly people are satisfied with the fact that they are covered under Medicare Part A and part B. however, when the situation will arise when you have to take medical expenses you will understand that although Medicare Part A and Part B covers the cost of hospital visits, doctor visits and others there are expenses that has to be borne by you.

There are expenses like Coinsurance and deductibles, which will not be borne by the Original Medicare. In case someone is of limited means bearing these expenses can be very hard and to aid such situation a Medicare supplement plan is a good choice. Still many elderly people are at doubt that whether they should take a Medicare Supplement plan are not.  Here are the reasons that one should pursue them.

Takes off where Original Medicare leaves

There are different Medicare Supplement plan that will suit the need of different need of individuals. Each type of these plans have different coverage and provides various benefits that will suite the need of any individual. They pick up the expenses where the Original Medicare leaves and thus for people with fixed monthly income these plans are very useful.

Offers various plans

There are 12 Medicare Supplement plans and the number explains that how they are useful for choosing from different plans so that they can meet up various type of medical related costs. Each plans is very affordable and although they are offered by private insurance they are regulated by Government. Thus, one can choose any company when it comes to choosing a particular plan. Same plan may be offered by different companies but they will cover the same things.

Easy to switch plans

There are so many plans available under Medicare supplement Plan but one need not to be worried about which plan they will choose. Based on the health condition and budget you can choose any plan. If you find that it is not working you can change the plan next time when you will be renewing the policy. Even executives from the insurance company will be detailing you about the various benefits that you can avail under this plan. If required you can contact with any other insurance to check out if you are getting the best rates.

Thus, these plans are ideal to provide one with the satisfaction that in case they are ill they do not have to worry about the expenses that they have to bear. It will be covered by the Medigap plan they are undertaken.

Find the best plan https://www.Medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2019.

All about Medicare Supplement Plans

For anyone who is more than 65 years of age gets Original Medicare that will take care of their hospital visits and other medical expenses. However, Part A and Part B of Medicare is not enough to meet the different expenses that someone has to bear when they are ill.  There are expenses like copayment, deductibles and coinsurance, and sometimes this amount accumulates into huge amount. What will help someone to bear these expenses?

Best Medicare Supplement Plan is the right solution to such problems. These plans are sold by private companies and covers many of the medical costs that are not covered by Part A and Part B of Medicare. In case someone has both Original Medicare and Medicare supplement Plan then while getting the claim first they will receive claims from Original Medicare and then the rest from the supplement plans. As the name suggest these plans are there to supplement the original medical expenses and not the medical expenses itself!

Important facts about Medicare Supplement plans

Mentioned below are certain facts related to the Medicare Supplement plans

  • One should have Medicare Part A and Part B to avail the supplement plans.
  • Those who have a Medicare Advantage plan can apply for Medicare Supplement plans but they should be able to leave the former before the later policy starts.
  • In order to continue the Medigap policy one have to bear the monthly premium along with the premium they pay for Medicare Part B.
  • Coverage under each Medigap Policy is valid only for one person. That means if someone wants coverage for both themselves and their spouse they will have to get two Medigap policies.
  • These policies can be purchased from any insurance company of any particular state, provide they are licensed to sell the policy in that state.
  • Any Medigap policy will continue till one keeps on paying the insurance premium. Even if they have any health problem there will be no issues related to renew of the policy as any standardized policy has guaranteed renewable.
  • Those policies that are sold after January 1 2006 will not cover any expenses related the prescription drugs. A Medigap policy does not includes payment for any prescription drugs expenses. It is covered under the Part D of Medicare that is Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.
  • A Medigap policy does not cover medical expenses related to vision, dental, long term care, hearing aids, private duty nursing and eye glasses.