3-Instances When Medicare Supplement Plan is Important

Extra costs that come with part A and Part B Medicare plans can overwhelm you. They are out-of –pocket expenses that you may not have planned for. Medicare supplement plan is also known as Medigap insurance cover helps to meet costs that arise from deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

Unlike Medicare plans, Medigap is provided by private insurance companies. You will have to pay monthly premiums to the company that is providing insurance to you. You will continue paying part B premiums even with Medicare card.

If you often experience extra costs

Do you experience out of pocket payments every time you visit your hospital? It is high time you enroll for medigap cover to ease you this burden. It is disappointing and frustrating when you are asked to pay extra cost from your pocket when you had not planned for the same. They can make you break your budget and cause you distress.

When you need to visit a specialist doctor who is not on Medicare Networks

Unlike Medicare Advantage plan, a Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 allows you to visit any doctor of your choice and any hospital. This freedom of choice will allow you to get specialized treatment from a doctor of your choice. Some medical problems warrant a specialist. Having your own doctor can lift your spirit and increase your chance of healing. People have preferences, if you are one of them, then Medigap is all you need.

When you want to travel out of U.S

Keeping yourself safe when traveling is very important. Travel insurance cover can help you cover the cost of hospitalization when you are out of United States and cannot use your Medicare cover. Medigap will cover these costs. Medigap are offered by private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare. Visit www.medicare.org to find our approved companies to shop from.


Although medigap comes with an extra expense, it benefit surpasses this vice. Medigap cost and benefits depend on the insurance provider. It is best if you shop for the best providers before purchasing it.

It is not guaranteed to get the cover if you apply any other time other than the first time you are eligible. If at one point you drop your Medigap policy, chances are you will never get it back. Unlike other private company policies, your Medigap insurance covers are eligible to be renewed yearly. No insurance company can cancel the policy due to health problems as long as you pay your premiums.